My Eco Works provides comprehensive, effective, and responsible recycling services to get rid of electronic wastes. The Company has the finest technology available for extraction of metals from e-waste and separating the hazardous content present from the waste. Our plants and machineries, authorised by the Central Pollution Control Board, makes our facility one of the most sustainable in the country with zero waste discharge technology. We have attained the best recycling techniques of e-waste by getting R2 certification

My Eco Works works daily on maximum sustainability that is transparent and well documented. My Eco Works keeps everything above ground, and passes all reclaimed materials to smelters for reuse and repurposing

What is E-waste

> CE-waste is defined as electronic or electrical equipments/products that have become obsolete because of advancement of technology or change in state.

Benefits of recycling

> If “Managed” safely by Recycling, E-waste can be secondary source of raw material and other benefits are.
> Economic Benefits : Revenue generation from recovered materials.
> Environmental Benefits: Natural resource conservation and Reduction in environmental pollution.
> Social Benefits: Employment generation.

Why Should we Recycle?

> The Earth Natural resources are limited and hence we make sure that we preserve them and use them carefully.
> To Eliminate Landfill.
> To save mother earth by preventing air pollution, water and soil pollution.
> To generate Employment opportunity.


Our Vision

To become a world-class facility and provide top-class services and solutions for E-Waste recycling, to help mother earth to harvest maximum resources.